Entryway love

Let’s talk entryways 😀 When we we’re building our home the wall behind the bench was supposed to be open and lead into a front room. Well we needed another bedroom so we closed it off to make this little alcove. I adore it!! It makes my entry feel like a little room 💗 When creating an entry space, whether you have a little or big room, or if it’s just a wall or behind a couch… make sure you incorporate 3 basic elements. 1) Make it functional. Make sure there’s a place for your keys, mail, and somewhere to hang a coat 🌿 2) Somewhere to sit. A small chair or bench is essential for putting on shoes, waiting for the bus etc 🌿 3) Lighting! Place a floor lamp or table lamp for late night arrivals or just to make your guests feel welcome and cozy! My entryway is small but I’ve tried to incorporate these elements into it and it’s turned into my fav room in our home 💗 Id love to see pictures of what you’ve done with your entry spaces! And if you’d add anything to my list 🙌 Have a fantastic Friday! #entryway #entrywaydecor #farmhousedecor #vintage #functionofbeauty #ironstonecrushin #ironstonecrushin #handmedowncottage #furnitureattiffanys #homedecor

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