Almost missed her!

Happy Saturday 🀍🀍🀍 I had a productive day finding furniture today to paint and sell! So stay tuned! This little cabinet was a $10 find at a thrift store from a few months ago. She was behind a huge ugly dresser and she had a piece of plastic duct taped to her top πŸ˜‘ I almost missed seeing her all sad back there! But I made my hubby pull her out and when I saw the scalloped bottom, I knew I had to have her! So after some love, she’s found a home right here πŸ’— #handmedowncottage #furnitureattiffanys #thriftydesignfinds #farmhousecabinet #farmhouse #ironstone #vintage #vintagecrushin #campfiremarshmallows #putz #putzsheep #iloveher #hadtokeep

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