Heart bowl

Happy Sunday 🤍🤍🤍 This sweet little heart wooden bowl has made its way out onto my coffee table. Have you brought out your valentines decor yet? To be honest, Valentines is probably my least favorite holiday. I don’t know why! So I don’t decorate too much for it. I’d love to see how you decorate though ❤️ Maybe it would inspire me to love this holiday more ❤️ #hearts #valentines #decor #coffeetabledecor #vintage #ironstone #sunday #insipration #homedecor #home #handmedowncottage #furnitureattiffanys

2 thoughts on “Heart bowl”

  1. That’s sweet! We still have Christmas up, I was going to take it down this weekend but my husband said if I wait he’ll help. So next weekend it is! I wouldn’t even know where to begin to decorate for Valentines 💝 Day.. lol

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