Thrifting rules

While thrifting, I try to follow a few rules I’ve made for myself…. 1. Is it special. 2. Is it something I love! 3. Would I be sad if I saw it in someone else’s cart 🙃 4. Will it fit my style or would it be able to be loved by someone if I sell? I sometimes follow my rules and sometimes I don’t haha! Do you follow any self appointed rules while you thrift? #thrift #thrifting #deseretindustries #reseller #keeper #homedecor #vintage #antiques #ilovemyjob #furnitureattiffanys #handmedowncottage

4 thoughts on “Thrifting rules”

  1. I’m more or less a minimalist, so my only rule is “Do I need it”? However, I’d really like to try to add some “warmth” to my home & that means buying stuff for the sake of it being “pretty”. It’s embarrassingly hard for me to do that.. but I love your style & find it inspiring. So I’m hoping to pretty up my home for each season! I’d love for you to share tips & tricks with us! 🙏🏻

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    1. Haha I am not a minimalist by any terms! I wish I’d was more like that. It’s a hard balance for me since I also sell pretty decor. Soooo I always justify what I buy saying I will sell it. But I want to keep everything! You’re so sweet! Thank you for your kind words ❤️

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