Loot shoot Thursday

Loot shoot today 🙌 It was slim pickings today but I managed to find a few awesome pieces! I found another mechanics creeper!!! I adore mine and now I can pass one along to you guys too! Watch for items to be posted for sale ❤️ Ok and seriously… the bottom stamp on the large vintage tureen has my name on it… I guess it was fate 😂 And that ironstone platter with the black trim? I saw that at #saversthriftstore last week and passed on it. I’ve thought about it all week so I was soooo happy it was still there ❤️ Anyone else fret over the treasures they leave behind or is it just me? #thriftstorefinds #treaure #antiques #vintage #ironstone #handmedowncottage #furnitureattiffanys

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